Optical metrology is the use of light to measure the dimensions, temperature, distance, or other properties of an object. It involves transmitting light and measuring the reflected, absorbed, refracted, or transmitted properties to determine the object’s characteristics.

Various industries rely on optical metrology for fast, accurate, and contact-free measurements. OSE Optics provides precision optical lens and technical component manufacturing and assembly. We work with various industries, including aerospace, medical, and defense, to deliver optical solutions for mission-critical technology and equipment.

Benefits of Optical Metrology Services

Optical metrology is a contact-free method ideal for non-destructive measurements. For this reason, optical metrology systems can measure sensitive equipment and components with high accuracy. It is a fast and reliable measuring method, only limited by interference from laser and quantum noise. OSE Optics relies on optical metrology to measure sensitive, complex components in various assemblies without physical contact.

Industries Served

OSE Optics offers optical metrology services to various industries:

  • Defense: The defense and aerospace sectors depend on optical metrology systems to measure the surface quality and shape of components. Precise measurements ensure that mission-critical components meet the quality and safety standards of the manufacturer and end-user. We manufacture and perform metrology services for drones and UAV lens systems, advanced night vision, and compact targeting systems.
  • Medical: Scientists in the life science and biomedical industry can analyze and measure the properties of organs, tissues, and cells using optical metrology systems. Optical metrology can deliver precise measurements to help medical care providers offer accurate diagnoses and treatment. We serve the medical and life sciences industry with optical metrology for endoscopy equipment, laser therapy optics, optics for handheld scanners, and advanced microscopy.
  • Commercial Manufacturing: Engineers and manufacturers rely on optical metrology to measure part quality and precision. Its non-contact measurement allows for fast inspection times and continuous monitoring throughout manufacturing processes. We can provide optical metrology for machine vision systems.
  • Semiconductor: Semiconductor manufacturers use optical metrology to ensure their devices meet dimensional tolerances and rigorous performance standards. Non-destructive precision inspection via optical metrology is critical to manufacturing semiconductor wafers.

Our Optical Metrology Capabilities

OSE Optics offers testing for optical components to ensure they align with the engineers’ drawings. We use a Zygo Interferometer to measure the radius, curvature, wavefront, and/or flatness of precision lenses and flats. Our team also offers a spectrophotometer to measure the reflection and transmission of optical assemblies, as well as MTF measurements to test complete lens systems.

Additional metrology services include surface profilometry, lens testing, edge thickness variation, thickness measurement, collimation testing, and fiber optic testing. We can develop a custom metrology plan for your specific optical components, performing all measurements in a cleanroom environment.

Optical Metrology Services by OSE Optics

Optical metrology is a method of measuring the properties of an object using light. It is a non-destructive, no-contact inspection method that offers fast and accurate measurements of dimensions, distances, temperatures, and other characteristics. OSE Optics delivers optical metrology services to critical industries, including the defense, medical, commercial, and semiconductor sectors. We can measure the flatness, radius, wavefront, and other properties of lenses to ensure they meet your specifications.

OSE Optics is an ISO 9001-compliant and ITAR-registered optical lens and technology manufacturer based in Wilmington, MA. Contact OSE Optics to speak with a specialist about your optical metrology requirements.