Leveraging our expertise in the optics industry, OSE Optics can assemble and test optical systems with unsurpassed precision and accuracy. Our technical team understands the importance of selecting the right optomechanical components and ensures they are delivered on time and within specifications.

At OSE, our procurement team has a firm grasp of how components enhance system-level performance. We design our custom optical assemblies using the core principles of Optical Manufacturing and Assembly, resulting in high-performing systems that meet our client’s precise requirements.

What are Optical Assemblies?

Optical assemblies encompass various precision parts and products designed to ensure the proper functioning of optical systems. An optical assembly can contain numerous components and kits that are tailored to meet the needs of common optical or laser applications. For example, optical assemblies may include spherical, aspherical, or cylindrical lenses, prisms, mirrors, and optical filters.

Custom optical assemblies are used for a wide range of purposes, such as:

  • Alignment
  • Mounting
  • Focusing
  • Beam Manipulation

An optical assembly provides a more affordable alternative that requires fewer parts than traditional methods when developing a high-performing optical system.

Optical Assembly
Manufacturing Services

OSE offers optical assembly manufacturing services from our state-of-the-art facilities, which are equipped with advanced laser alignment systems and cleanroom capabilities for optimal precision. We can custom-design optical assemblies to fit our customers’ unique requirements. Additionally, we maintain rigorous quality control processes and are compliant with standards, such as ISO 9001, to ensure every project meets the highest standards.

Working with OSE for your custom optical assembly needs provides the following benefits:

  • Experienced Team. Our designers, engineers, and technicians have extensive industry experience and can tackle any challenge, regardless of complexity.
  • Commitment to Research & Development. We support our R&D division through collaborative efforts with leading academic institutions.
  • Diverse Product Range. From infrared zoom systems to visible doublets, we have assembled a variety of optical systems to cater to a broad range of industries.
  • End-to-End Solutions. OSE handles everything from the original design concept to manufacturing and post-sale warranty support.
  • Quick Turnaround Times. Our production and delivery processes are highly efficient, always focusing on our client’s immediate needs.
  • Advanced Testing Facilities. Our cutting-edge methodologies and equipment include MTF and interferometric testing to ensure optimal performance of our optical assemblies.
  • Post-Sale Support. Our customer support team provides exceptional customer engagement throughout the project to ensure clear communication.

Applications of Optical Assemblies

Custom optical assemblies are crucial in diverse
sectors, enhancing a multitude of applications from
defense to medical. These assemblies are integral to
both advanced technological equipment and
everyday devices. Here’s how they are employed
across various industries:

  • Aerospace and Defense. Optical assemblies often get implemented into surveillance and imaging systems, such as laser guidance systems, range finders, rifle scopes, drones, security cameras, and more.
  • Entertainment. Digital movie theater projectors, professional motion picture cameras, and simulation systems need high-precision optical lenses that are durable and have a wide field of view, low distortion, and high-resolution capabilities.
  • Imaging & Mapping. Equipment such as geographic imaging and LiDar systems rely on precise optical components with low distortion and high resolution. Applications include hyper-spectral land imaging systems, space-based earth imagery, and ground-based aerial imaging systems.
  • Industrial. Optical assemblies play a critical role in various industrial applications, including laser alignment tools, laser barcode readers, multispectral sensing and imaging systems, in-line spectrometers, and more.
  • Life Science and Medical. Various systems, equipment, and medical devices need optical assemblies for proper functioning. Applications include microscopy, genome sequencing, flow cytometers, robotic surgery equipment, and more.
  • Semiconductor. The semiconductor industry relies on specialized optical assemblies that provide the ideal balance between high performance and decreased size.

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The experts at OSE provide quality optical assembly manufacturing services to meet the needs of diverse industries. Our extensive experience allows us to deliver the optical assemblies you need with optimal precision and quick turnaround times.

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